Wings To Fly

- a contemporary romance -

Beate Boeker

Twenty-six year old Cathy is on the way to a job interview that she hopes will result in the start of a new life and independence from a controlling brother. But being late and new to Seattle, she crashes her car into a van driven by Mick. When she blows the interview she is devastated and believes her chance is lost. Cathy couldn’t be further from the truth. Mick might just turn out to be more than she ever imagined


Beate has written a marvelously uplifting tale where the characters draw you in and you want them to have all the good things life has to offer. Simply wonderful!
Two Lips Reviews

The characters were so very loving and endearing that you couldn’t help but get caught up in them. The characters in this book were so remarkably real and well written. The interaction between Cathy and her co-worker was so masterfully written. Ms. Boeker catches her characters nuances very well.
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