A New Life

- a contemporary romance -

Beate Boeker

Anne has just been acquitted of murder due to lack of evidence and hopes to build up a new life in Florence, Italy. Through family connections, she obtains a job in the prestigious Garibaldi Hotel, but the attractive hotel manager Peter is not pleased to have a secretary foisted onto him who has no working experience in a hotel and doesn’t even speak Italian.

Anne in turn believes that Peter knows about her past and behaves stiff and self-conscious whenever they are together. When the owner of the hotel, Anne’s uncle, insists that Peter teaches her Italian, Peter suspects that she has been sent to snatch away his job, but at the same time, he can’t fight the growing attraction. With time, they come closer, but one day, an employee of the hotel is stabbed and once again Anne is a prime suspect.
It takes all her wit and courage to find the real murderer. Will she manage to put the past behind her and start a new life?


A delightful read!
5 stars
Some might call me wonderulst-less because I’m not keen on packing up a suitcase and trotting around the globe. But they don’t understand. I do love to travel, only from the comfort of my Papasan chair. Beate Boeker’s “A New Life” took me on a fabulous journey through Florence, Italy. Her descriptions of the landscapes and the people were so rich that it was perhaps the best “vacation” of my life. I hated to leave the Hotel Garibaldi and still think fondly of the “lilac hour” evenings in Peter’s garden. You can’t help but root for Anne, so full of spirit despite her past, and for Peter, who misconstrues Anne’s reason for being there. So combine travel, romance and a bit of a mystery, and it’s the trifecta of reading pleasure. Well-done Ms. Boeker! I hope you have more books coming out soon!
Jayne Ormerod

Sweet, Romantic, Touching, Cozy
5 stars
The book is fun, and romantic, and touching at moments. The first chapter sets up the premise of the novel quickly and surely. Anne’s recent experience behind bars (she was never granted bail) adds a touching pathos to her.
Through a skillful use of an alternating point-of-view, the author lets us into the minds of our two protagonists. Many times we are even given a glimpse of their opposing takes on the same action, which I found a lovely touch.
The growing attraction between the two leads is presented in a gentle way. You will not find any of those odd descriptions that appear in some “romances” that read like direct quotes from a physiology textbook section on the “Signs of Sexual Arousal”.
What adds extra fun to the story is that just when you settle in for the romance, an event occurs that shakes the story and the characters up, and brings Anne and Peter closer together.
As a former ex-pat who lived in Florence, Italy, I especially enjoyed the asides from Peter concerning gossipy Florence.
The romance brought me into the story, then the mystery element of the story carried me to the exciting climax of the book, and I was rewarded with a sweet, romantic ending. If that is the kind of book you enjoy, then I recommend you try A New Life.
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Thrills in Florence
5 stars
A woman found not guilty of murder travels to Florence for a new life and a new start. Working in a beautiful hotel for the enigmatic Peter Grant, Anne Smith learns to grow and release her past. Until that past comes right back to her doorstep in gruesome fashion. A beautiful setting, two likeable characters, and a thrilling plot make this book a page turner!
V. Ardito

Witty and fun
5 stars
Anne finds herself in Italy to attempt a fresh start after being accused of murder in her home town, but she’s not there long before she’s stirring up trouble. Her new boss, charming and sexy Peter Grant, thinks she’s been sent to destroy his career—a challenge since she’s falling in love with him. On top of that, a dead body turns up in the kitchen, and when the secrets of Anne’s former life leak over into her new one, she’s made the main suspect. I love Ms. Boeker’s writing. Her characters are witty and fun and wiggle their way straight into your heart. Her hero even reminds me of a modern day Cary Grant. Like some of Beate’s other novels, it’s set in Florence, Italy. Her descriptions of the place are best described as ‘scrumptious’. You will be transported. If you’re looking for a fun mystery in a mesmerizing locale with more than a twist of romance, this is it!
Becca L