It's Raining Men

- a romantic comedy -

Beate Boeker
Gwen Ellery

What if you inherited an umbrella that matchmade you with the first person who shares it with you?

“Grandma must have been out of her mind.” This is the prevailing sentiment among the four cousins in the Lemont family when they hear that their only heirloom is an ancient umbrella—and each of them must carry it around for three months to receive their inheritance. However, they stick to the rules and soon realize the umbrella has magic powers: When two people share it, they fall in love!

Travis in California, Ainsley in Edinburgh, Carlo in Florence, and Josie in Paris go through the most amazing year of their lives and meet up again a year later. Join the cousins during this tender, amusing, touching and romantic year, and you’ll finish their story with a happy feeling deep within.

This sweet and clean, contemporary romantic comedy includes links at the end to two free ebooks: a cozy mystery story and a short romantic comedy.


Excellent read…the magic sprinkled journeys of four main characters in finding love!

5 stars
Lighthearted, warm-hearted, big-hearted — this is how I’d describe It’s Raining Men. I had a fabulous time being swept off my feet and falling in love four different times with the four main characters. Travis, the rock musician — such a sensitive and sexy lost soul just trying to do the right thing. Yeah, I fell in love with him too. I could totally identify with his girlfriend. Then there’s Ainsley, the lovable, self-professed control freak. She was a hoot and I was rooting for her to let love in. She shared the matchmaking umbrella with a chivalrous Scotsman, a modern-day Highlander who made my knees weak. Then there was Josie, insecure, brave, ambitious, but hiding her light. I could totally understand why she did what she did (not to give it away) and I was rooting for her happy ending too. Then there was Carlo (a serious and seriously swoon-worthy Italian). His reactions to the matchmaking umbrella had me giggling. I really loved his take-charge attitude and the way the umbrella foiled him but of course helped him on his journey to love. There was never a dull moment in this story, always something fun or intriguing going on, and the writing was witty and upbeat. The authors did a great job of blending their voices. I couldn’t tell which one wrote which section. Hats off to them for making me smile and snicker many times.
Patricia Leonard

Romantic Comedy Must Read!

5 stars
“It’s Raining Men” is the first book that I have read by authors Beate Boeker & Gwen Ellery and I absolutely enjoyed reading it from start to finish. I will definitely be checking out other books that these two authors have written. With each of the main characters I could relate to one or more aspect of their life and or situation they were in. I also love that the book brought you to different countries…it was like a mini multi country vacation getaway trip. Like the four grandchildren I was skeptical of what or how their Grandmothers umbrella would play out for the three months with each of the grandchildren, but by the end I wish I had the “Magical” umbrella to help with finding “true love”. I enjoyed this Romantic Comedy and will read it again and other books by these two authors!
Daisy Dee

Delightfully fun and moving

5 stars
Charming story that was both amusing and touching. Highly recommended for anyone who loves romantic comedy or armchair travel. The plot was fun and the pace was ace.
Linda Williams

Clever romp with heart and soul

5 stars
This book was really funny, and it caught me by surprise because the plots are complex and involved. I liked the flow of these two authors working together, it worked perfectly to relate the stories of the different grandchildren(and Toli) while keeping continuity. Their voices blend well, and of course the magical umbrella has a personality all its own. It’s like cupid making sure the cousins in this family find and keep love. Well told, and long live the Lemonts!
Jason Williams

I will read it again when I find the time!

5 stars
Ever since I picked up the book one week ago I wasn’t able to put it down until I was finished. From the beginning to end the book captures readers with its witty humor and original romance. The writing is captivating and very well-edited. The humor is for all ages and will have you literally laughing out loud.
Each character has their own charm that attaches you to them throughout the entire story. It is a great story about a family that connects through their grandmother’s death. This is a must-read, must-share, must-read again, unforgettable story! If you have the chance, buy one for you and five for your friends. I will be watching out for more books by the authors.
Alicia Kelly

Good sweet romance

Great fun! I really enjoyed vicariously falling in love while visiting the European countries in this book. Each character had their own charm and reasons for resisting love (at first :-)) and the umbrella concept kept things fun and light but not superficial. In short, this is a good clean romance with depth and pep. Readingmaven

Sweet, clean romance with a fun concept, likeable characters, exotic locales, quality product

5 stars
This is a fun concept, expertly executed! It never gets dull because the magical umbrella works differently on different people. Learning its tricks is part of the fun.
The romance is sweet and clean. The book is well-written and well-edited, and it has a very attractive design. I am grateful to the authors for the review-copy.
We follow the four adult grandchildren on their umbrella-and-love-discovery, and we also follow the late-romance of the executor of the grandmother’s estate.
What about the morality of magically making people love you? That is dealt with too, but the grandchildren are all moral people, so as they discover the power they have in their hands, then make the right decisions.
The characters all feel like people one would want to know in real life.
This is light reading divided into chapters that make for nice sized reading bites, that each tell a complete story. Together, the chapters tell a bigger story.
It’s Raining Men (and women) is a romantic comedy, but heavier on the romance than on the comedy. This quote from one of the grandchildren explains the quest of each of them:
“A deep feeling of satisfaction coursed through me. I knew I had found my place in the universe. And suddenly, I knew I could tell her my whole story, without reservation, and she would understand.”
C. Martinelli

Light and sweet romance fantasy

4 stars
This is a refreshingly light and romantic comedy about four single adult cousins, whose grandmother, upon her death, required each of them to carry an ancient umbrella for three months in order to receive their inheritance. The umbrella had been a gift to their grandmother from her husband Hubert on her 30th birthday, which makes the umbrella over 55 years old. Each of them cannot reveal to each other anything about their experiences during the full year. After a year, Grandmother Charlotte’s Will is to be read to them by her dear friend and attorney, Anatole. The red and white polka dotted umbrella makes its travels in California with Charlotte’s grandson Travis, in Edinburgh with granddaughter Ainsley, in Paris with granddaughter Josie, and finally with Carlo in Florence. Each of them deal with this umbrella differently, but they do not break the rules of this request. Strange things happen whenever the umbrella is up over two people, and it rains a lot. To find out what happens to each of the four cousins and their encounters, I recommend that you read this book. It is charming, funny, touching, and full of love.
M. Roberts

Sweet and fun read

4 stars
I was intrigued by the idea of the umbrella in the story and couldn’t wait to read it. Once I started I was drawn in and read the whole thing in a weekend. Each of the grandchildren had a different personality and backstory which kept it from becoming repetitive. The only negative is that each story was too short. Just as I was drawn into a grandchild’s story – it ended and I wanted to spend more time with each character. It was well written and an easy, fun read.