The Beauty and Beast E

- a romantic short story - free! -

Beate Boeker

All Jill wants is a calm wellness evening in the secure environment of her bath to recuperate from an exhausting week at work. However, fate intervenes in the form of an attractive neighbor . . . This hilarious and romantic short story will make you laugh out loud.


Laughed my head off
“Very short but very funny. Women who’ve been there and done that will love it. I will definitely read more from this author.”
by e-book author

A true romantic
“This is a gift from the author, so people can see what her style is like. Clean romance, and realistic characters. There is a sweetness about the story and the writing.
Sweet romance is probably a better term for the writer’s style. She has an eye for detail that brings the people to life. And she has an eye for attraction so she can communicate it in suble ways.
…). I’ve read some of her other books, novels, and they are just as clean, lovely and romantic.”
by C. Martinelli

Laughing all the way
All she wants is a quiet evening at home to soak in the tub, etc. – a relaxing “beauty” evening. A plumbing problem begins the adventure. This freebie introduced me to Beate Boeker. What a rare wit! You’ll laugh in spite of any desire to control it.”
by Lyndell VanMatre