August 2015

I’m so excited! My brand new contemporary sweet romance Venetian Tangle is now available! I wrote this novel right after my vacation in Venice last Christmas, and I hope that you’ll be able to feel the magic atmosphere of this unique city while reading it!

Lorena doesn’t believe in supernatural things, but one night in December, she feels the sudden presence of her ex-lover Guido in her apartment . . . even though he should be miles away. When she learns that Guido died the night he came to „see“ her, she’s perturbed. Did Guido try to tell her something? To find out more, she decides to spend Christmas at the place where they fell in love ten years ago: Venice in Italy.
With no clear plan in her mind and a very hazy idea how to deal with a ghost, Lorena stumbles into a tangle of romance and confusion in the ancient city of Venice. She has to learn a lot about herself and her old relationship to Guido and has to fight for the man she loves before she can finally be happy.
This contemporary sweet romance will plunge you into the heart of mysterious and foggy Venice during Christmas time, entertaining you with a delicious mix of humor and romance.


I’ll soon be in touch with the next release coming up . . . not long now!

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