May 2015

Dear friends,

I’ve got a special offer for you – and some news!

1. A New Life – for those of you who don’t know it yet – is on offer for only $0.99. This offer is only valid until tomorrow, so make sure you grab your copy! It’s a romance with quite a bit of mystery that will take you to a luxurious hotel in Florence, Italy . . .

2. My 4 full-length romances just got new covers! They are so beautiful that I automatically get a huge smile on my face whenever I look at them. My cover designer Annissa Turpin did a great job, and I’m truly grateful to her. Do you know them all?

A New Life – a romance with mystery set in Florence in Italy
Mischief in Italy – a romantic comedy set at Lake Garda Italy
Rent A Thief – a boomer romance set in Seattle
Stormy Times – A Christmas romance set on Long Island

3. My husband created a new website for me! Now, all my covers are featured on my home page, and I really love the new look. You can see it here:

4. My next release will be a Christmas romance called Venetian Tangle. It was inspired by my trip to Venice this Christmas, and it’ll come out this autumn – first, as part of a book bundle, and a month later, all by itself . . . I’ll let you know as soon as it’ll be available!

5. I’m also working on the 5th mystery in the series Temptation in Florence. It’ll be called Seaside Death, and if all goes well, I count on releasing it by the end of this year, too.

6. As no author alone can provide enough fodder for an avid reader, it makes sense to refer readers to other authors who write similar books. I would like to recommend 2 authors (whose writing I really enjoy!) to you today:

Sandra Carey Cody – who writes the Jenny Connor mystery series

Gina Ardito – who writes fun romances with that extra bit of depth

7. And if that’s not enough fodder, you can find more at the Sweet Romance Reads blog. We are a group of authors who all write romances without explicit sex scenes. We also have a Café on Facebook where you can chat with the authors and quite often win free books, so it’s worth having a look!
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Facebook –

Please let me know what’s going on in your life! I love to hear from you!

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