Classic Death - Mystery #6 - now available!

Dear friends,

Yes! Classic Death, my mystery no. 6 in the series “Temptation in Florence” is now available. You had to wait longer than usual for it because life got in the way. My last year was busy with two new jobs and a move across states, but I’m settled now (phew!) and happy to write!

Classic Death is pretty full with references to fountain pens . . . because I worked with fountain pens for more than seven years in my day job in marketing, and of course, at some point, all that lovely knowledge had to be used somewhere. So those of you who know me from my times at Pelikan, you’ll recognize quite a bit! I only made up the collectors. They are not nearly as obnoxious as I created them in the book, but I had to find someone to kill … ;-).
I hope you’ll have lots of fun while reading this novel. Let me know the parts where you laughed out loud – I have a favorite scene, and if you tell me yours, I’ll share mine!

This is the blurb:
When eccentric fountain pen collector Xaviero Monti falls to his death in his own house, the Mantoni family is convinced it’s murder. After all, only the good die young, and Xaviero was anything but good. Commissario Garini, however, sees the case as a classic accidental death and refuses to take it up, until the determined Mantonis manipulate him into investigating all the members of the Florentine Fountain Pen Club in detail.
While Garini tries to get the avid collectors to speak of something besides fountain pens, he also has to deal with the surprisingly stressful side effects of his engagement to Carlina. In the end, Garini uncovers a diabolical scheme and only a race against time can prevent another twisted death.
Classic Death is the sixth mystery in the series Temptation in Florence, set in Florence, Italy. It features Carlina Mantoni, proprietress of Temptation, a lingerie shop, and her eccentric family, all of whom make life for police commissario Stefano Garini extremely difficult.

Book 1: Delayed Death
Book 2: Charmer’s Death
Book 3: Banker’s Death
Book 4: Expected Death
Book 5: Seaside Death
Book 6: Classic Death

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