Venetian Tangle

- a Christmas romance -

Beate Boeker

Lorena doesn’t believe in supernatural things, but one night in December, she feels the sudden presence of her ex-lover Guido in her apartment . . . even though he should be miles away. When she learns that Guido died the night he came to „see“ her, she’s perturbed. Did Guido try to tell her something? To find out more, she decides to spend Christmas at the place where they fell in love ten years ago: Venice in Italy.
With no clear plan in her mind and a very hazy idea how to deal with a ghost, Lorena stumbles into a tangle of romance and confusion in the ancient city of Venice. She has to learn a lot about herself and her old relationship to Guido and has to fight for the man she loves before she can finally be happy.
This contemporary sweet romance will plunge you into the heart of mysterious and foggy Venice during Christmas time, entertaining you with a delicious mix of humor and romance.


The ghost of an old love – what could be more romantic?
But Lorena doesn’t believe in ghosts and an old love is … well, the past is the past. Still, unbeliever though she is, she has a feeling this ghost has something to tell her. Besides, who could ignore the call of Venice at Christmas? Boeker takes these elements and weaves them into a story that is filled with surprises and good humor, a charming tale of finding love where it’s least expected. The descriptions of Venice are perfect – just enough to evoke the magic of a beautiful city, not so much that it bogs down the story. The characters are unique, well-developed, and likable. You’ll laugh at them and root for them. In short, you’ll enjoy spending time with them.
5 stars by Sandra Cody

Light, clean romantic fun in evocative Venice, Italy – An escapist’s paradise
I was lucky enough to receive an advance reader copy of this book. I’ve read other romances by Beate Boeker, and I like her mix of light humor with sweet, clean romance, so I wasn’t disappointed with this one. It has the light humor, the sweet romance, and on top of that it has beautiful, evocative Venice, Italy. The setting is used wonderfully in this quick, romantic, holiday fun read, as the backdrop for this escapist fiction. You don’t have to wait for Christmas to enjoy it!
5 stars by Italophile Book Reviews

A Wonderful Christmas Experience
This is definitely a get-away-from-it-all must read. Boeker’s writing is charming, the characters are both believable and loveable and Venice is lovely. Most Venetian stories take place in the summer, so it is especially refreshing to see this glorious city in full Christmastide array. I enjoyed this book tremendously and look forward to more from Miss Boeker. She is a most engaging, interesting and extremely readable author. You won’t be disappointed in Venetian Tangle!
5 stars by Voracious Reader

Mystery and Romance in Venice
I’ve read many others books from Beate Boeker, and I find them all great.
Most of them are settled in Italy, where I’m from, so I can easily recognize locations and characters that the author depicts very well.
Venetian Tangle is easy to read, the story being intriguing though not at all expected.
A love story for every season, definitely!
5 stars by Maria Lucia Stoppa

Must read for Christmas Story readers
As an avid Christmas story reader, Venetian Tangle was a must buy, and it did NOT disappoint. Heartwarming romance in Venice with Christmas Eve, a family Christmas dinner, take-you-there descriptions, and a ghost of a former love with a mysterious message. What more could you ask for?
5 stars by Jean C. Gordon

Thoroughly enjoyable
This is a great read. If you like romance, Italy, fun characters and a funky twist, you’ll enjoy it. I hadn’t read any of this authors book before so it was a pleasant surprise.
5 stars by Lisa Gibson